Delicious Sandwiches

Peanut butter sandwiches like you’ve never tasted before! And who says peanut butter sandwiches have to be just breakfast anyway?! Why not enjoy them any time of the day?

Freshly Ground Nut Butters

We’ll grind you some peanut, almond or cashew butter on the spot, to take home and enjoy! Our nut butters are nothing but goodness…no sugar, salt, oils or preservatives added.

Local Supporting Local

As a small local business, we value and support other local businesses where we can. A majority of our ingredients and products are sourced from local suppliers.


Monday ~ Classic Strawberry Sandwich $4.99
Tuesday ~ The Canadian Sandwich $5.99
Wednesday ~ Mama’s Pie Sandwich $5.99
Thursday ~ 40% off Freshly Ground Peanut Butter
Friday ~ The Elvis Sandwich $5.99
Saturday ~ Cherry On Top Sandwich $4.99
Sunday ~ 40% off Freshly Ground Peanut Butter