Classic Strawberry (Vegan)
Peanut butter with strawberry jam  $5.99

Classic Grape (Vegan)
Peanut butter with Concord grape jam  $5.99

Classic Honey
Peanut butter with honey  $5.99

Arabia (Vegan)
Almond butter with date syrup & sesame seeds  $6.99

The Kensington
Almond butter with peach slices & caramel sauce  $6.99

The Canadian (Vegan)
Almond butter with walnuts & maple syrup  $6.99

Fig Delight (Vegan)
Almond butter with fig jam & coconut  $7.99

Peanut butter with turkey bacon, crispy onions, barbecue sauce & sliced apple  $7.99

Herb & Cheese
Almond butter with cream cheese, walnuts, sesame & herbs  $7.99

Mama’s Pie
Peanut butter with sliced apples & caramel sauce  $6.99

Peanut butter with sliced bananas & caramel sauce  $6.99

Tropical Berry (Vegan)
Peanut butter with raspberry jam, crushed pineapple & dried pineapple chunks  $6.99

Cherry On Top (Vegan)
Peanut butter with cherry jam & coconut  $5.99

Reese’s Peace
Peanut butter with Reese’s Pieces, chocolate sauce & crushed peanuts   $6.99

Peanut butter with chocolate & caramel sauces and marshmallows  $6.99

Brazen Blueberry
Cashew butter with blueberry jam & butterscotch  $6.99

Apricot Heaven
Cashew butter with apricot jam, coconut & caramel sauce  $6.99